People often ask us how Yogmitra can benefit their lives. We like to tell them how it has influenced our own personal lifestyles, but emphasize that it impacts different people in different ways. Read what our satisfied clients thought about their own personal experiences at our studio and feel free to come check it out for yourself.

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Mr. & Mrs. Suria

Software Professionals, CA, USA

We were introduced to Yogamitra classes by Mr. Shahshank Kulkarni. Living in Santa Clara, CA we find the Online classes very much suitable. Our profession forces us to sit long and odd hours. Yoga sessions in the evening has helped us relieve a lot of stress. The classes have made us physically fit and energetic. We now realize what we have been missing and how much nice a life of fitness is. The ability to attend Yoga online removes a lot of time that otherwise we would spend on traffic and other not so productive activities.
Mrs. Kode runs the class at a very nice pace, starting with warm ups, pushing hard on tougher asanas and ending with relaxing shavasna. We cannot belive that we can do 108 Suryanamaskars in a single session.
We are avid hikers and realize that Yoga is actually helping us hike better. After almost 6 months of Yoga today it feels wow to fit into our poorani jeans.


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